Charles Grant - Night Songs

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Charles Grant - Night Songs
Название: Night Songs
Автор: Charles Grant
Издательство: неизвестно
ISBN: нет данных
Год: неизвестен
Дата добавления: 29 август 2018
Количество просмотров: 272
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Night Songs - читать бесплатно онлайн , автор Charles Grant
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Matt nodded, and looked, and when he'd had enough he took Colin's hand and they walked back to the road. Peg was standing by the car, Hugh and Lee inside grinning. Colin waved, felt a surge and broke into a run.

Matt followed more slowly, stopping once. Turning around. Wondering if Colin had seen Lilla standing in the trees. Standing and smiling, her lips moving in silent singing. If he had, it didn't matter. Lilla was his friend now, and some day he'd be big enough to come back here on his own.

Some day he would ask her to teach him her songs.

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